Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kick off-I'm late,

Hi,I am Rebekah Butler,aka Becka,
I 'm married to Jim Butler,mother to twins
Dillon & Dakota-12 & my baby is Cheyenne-9.
3 kids in 3 years,& I lost one between them,
Ms Nina stole my stage name,fat lady(shes not)
so I had to get another,
I'm using the name my husband called me a few weeks ago,
Does that make me mad no,
I know he loves me BIG or not,lol
Oh,thats me with the red on with my BIG mouth open,
yes everything on me is BIG.
That picture was taken this past saturday at our fall festival-10-24.
Ok,so now that you know what to call me & you see its ture,,lol
Let me tell you about my self,I'm 31 years old,I home school my children,so I 'm home all the time EATING,,I also eat when I'm sad ,when I'm depressed,when I'm hurt,when I'm happy..
My sister told me one time "Becka you are looking for a excuse to eat"
And whats so sad,, shes right!
So when I heard about this I said its time,What can I lose,but FAT.!
I'm not yet ready to tell how big Iam,
But I have pictures,when I was'nt ,So you guess,

This is me & My husband in 2000,& guess what ?My baby was only 4 weeks old,so sad :o(..This is me at 15-before kids-I was about 115-awesome,
The other I was about 17-around 120.
This is us,oct of 03,I was 130, after kids,
I had went on a subway diet & lost 35 pds,
I kept it off for almost 2 yrs,before I started to gain back little by little,

My goal is to look like this again ,this is easter 04
I miss that girl !! so do my husband!!
(if you know what I mean)

I need all the help I can get,I started on wed,just slowing down,with eating.
Monday my plans are to do the heart diet, A lady at church has it wrote up,
I will post it as soon as I get it,
And have plans to see about some more dvds,that yall have spoke about,
I have one now ,its a 2mile walk by Leslie Sansone,
its very good to start on,but not for the long run of things,
You need to add something else with it,
So anyway lets all do this together,,We need eachother,right?
I know I need ya'll,
Thank ya'll for doing this..
May God bless us,in doing this support together.


Beth in NC said...

Hi Becka. It is amazing how easily weight can creep on when we are married.

I look forward to shrinking with you!


Cherry Blossom Blessing said...

Hey Beth...great job and very honest. I am learning so much on diet, exercise, and Christian walk that it has kept me busy and soometimes a bit dizzy but we are all having a great time!!

Dani Joy said...

Awww Becka!! I am so glad you have made it! We will be encouraging each other! keep track of those points. Crunch it at least 20 min a day and eat smart and you will see that you in no time!!

Big hugs!!

Crunchin with ya
Dani Joy

Mary said...

Hi Becka,

It is so easy to gain the weight, one pound at a time, til you don't know how it happened...but let's take it off the same way, one pound at a time, and before we know it, we will be healthy and thin. We are in this together, and we will succeed! I also work out with Leslie. I think her workouts are great. She has so many, and they increase in intensity, so I plan on using them for the entire time, but will move up at some point...I hope my body will let me, since I'm twice your age!

For me, what I've discovered about eating is it all begins in my mind, so I've adopted a couple of is "take every thought captive", and the other is "flee from temptation"...they don't need explanation...I just say them out loud when I start thinking about the wrong food. I also have healthy foods readily available, and CHOOSE to eat them rather than the grandkids cookies.

You will do this...we ALL will!

God bless,

Nina in Portugal said...

You GO Big Mama Hot Cakes!!

( I sort of like that nick-name...sounds like Bro. Jim may be liking those Big Hot Cakes!) mind in ALWAYS in the gutter!!


I behind ya girl!!