Thursday, October 29, 2009

Measurements & points

Hello Ladies. Oh, you guys have no idea how much you have to keep your mouths shut about my weight (ha ha). My own husband doesn't have a clue!

I started losing back June 2008 when I weighed 257.4 pounds. I had gotten down to 199, but now as of this morning (yes, I got on the scale - argh) at 204.4. As I approached the scale, I said out loud, "Ah, my Nemesis! Please be my friend!"

That will be my starting weight with you ladies. I haven't done my measurements yet. I never have been one to measure, but I'll do it for you. I'll post those when I get a breather next week. I am still very busy with our Corn Maze (ending soon -- hallelujah)!

So ... 204.4 stinkin' pounds! Did I mention I am 5'10" tall? Still, 204.4 ... argh.

I am going to count 1 point for each post I've shared today (2) then another point for exercising (The Wave workout by The Firm). I didn't complete it, so I'll just give myself 1 point. I'm trying to understand the rules. Let me know if I do something wrong.

Thanks so much for doing this Dani Joy!

I pray you all see me shrink some more. I MUST reach my goal. :o)


FringeGirl said...

You've already lost a lot! That's wonderful. Keep up the good work!!

FringeGirl said...

Oh, by the way, my husband doesn't know my weight either...even my doctor guesses incorrectly. Only you ladies know the real truth!

KathyH said...

Hi Beth

don't worry we'll keep you secret. I'm trusting that all the ladies keep mine too :oP

You've already lost over 50lbs !!! Way to go girl. You're 20% smaller than before.

Keep crunching.


Dani Joy said...

You are wonderful inside and out! I have followed your weight loss for a while now and you are an inspiration.

You look so wonderful in the pictures... how can those scales be right. well, that´s why scales don´t mean everything. You get to where you feel good.

the points are good.. just that it´s only that the Testimony isn´t a point. Ít was done on Tuesday before the start. ;) It was a free be for all of us. :)
then we will only do on Crunch IN a day and 3 tips a week (less if you want. No preasure)

Have fun Crunchin!
Dani Joy