Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crunch in the 24th

I was extremaly tired today and I didn´t know if I could do the video. I finally made it around 6.30 pm. and now I´m exhausted. Anyway, I did also have a 30 min walk this morning. Now, I think I stretched my leg too hard because I have pain in the lower part behind my leg. I hope I can walk tomorrow. :-)

Have a good crunching day!!!.


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Dani Joy said...

Good for you to keep up with it even if you were tired. that´s why it´s a commitment. There were so many days I didn´t want to exercise.. on some of those, my hubby would get my mat out and put my video in. OH I would get a little miffed but then be soooo thankful that he helped push me!

Something Leslie Sansome says is that you never say "OH I wish I hadn´t worked out today." True??? We just have to get started.

Keep pressin play!

Crunchin´with ya
Dani Joy