Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crunch in the 29th

We had a good day at church today. I still don´t understand how can people walk around without any hope and whithout the Lord.

Lisa is also doing better. She is still in the hospital but started eating last night. God is good.

Anyway, I did do my 30 min shred. Walk for 10 min, and did some extra crunching with Jillian for the hard zones.

I ate pretty well today, 80 per cent ok, I should say :-)

I hope you all had a blessed day.



Dani Joy said...

Praise the Lord, Lisa is eating better. I will continue to pray. Bless them!

Keep at it girl. did you check out that blog that is doing the shred challenge?

Dani Joy

Ketty said...

NO, I didn´t check out that blog yet, I will try tonight if I remember. Thanks