Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crunch In

Madrid does not let you off easily. From where you park your car until you get to where you are going means an easy 20-minute walk! Therefore, I did well on exercise, drank from my new Tupperware sippy, and had fruit for snacks. I ate no marshmallows and plan to have my husband hide the first bag until Thanksgiving and the second bag until I bake my Christmas cookies. Still crunching along with everyone! Thanks, Anita 11-12


Dani Joy said...

Great Crunchin´Anita!! I am sooo proud of you! You will see the difference if you keep at it!

YOu are motivating many others.

Dani Joy

Joy said...

Way to go, Anita. I got my dh to go for a walk with me tonight after a not so good supper and we walked for about 30 min. at a steady clip. He was winded and I was fine (could have walked a little longer). He wanted to know if I´d taken something to rev me up...which of course I haven´t. It is just 2 weeks of crunching showing good results. Keep up the walking and keep crunchin. love, Joy