Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dani´s Crunch - 4 Crazy Crunch Challenge Video

I am crunching right along with ya´ll!

I have been taking the opportunity to walk the dog longer. 15 min. for two nights now.

I have been walking fast to and from my English Class. 20 min.

I have sweated it with Jillian Michaels on 2 different nights! She is so stinkin´tough!

I have skipped Super Mans on both workouts. ... "What are Super Mans", you ask?

Good question.. they are like laying on your stomach and having a baby all at once. They seem rediculously easy but they are rediculously hard.

You lay on your stomach, and lift your arms and legs at the same time, not bending either. then you lower them. and lift them and lower them and lift them, like you are flying like Super Man. STUPID exercise but it works the lower back and gives great curves!

They are getting easier but if I do them one day, I don´t do them the next. Jillian seems to really like these STUPID Super Mans. Try them and see what you think.

Here is a video of another one of her crazy exercises. If you try any of these, remember you must work up to the full strength. It takes me a good week to even attempt them like she does them, and then another full ... (well, you fill in the blank) to do as many as she does.

I am doing those first two dvds she advertises. I don´t dress like her. I don´t look like her. But I want to work my muscles like her. If you watch to the middle of the video she does the Super Mans.

Have a great Crunchin´Day Ladies!


Dani Joy said...

Some of those back exercises are new to me. I may have to try them.. but I only do the Supermans like every other day.

Mary said...

Hi Dani Joy...well, all I can say is I'm leaving these to you young chics! I think I'll stick to my old lady walking videos! I'm looking forward to seeing you at the end of this are going to be BUFF!

Crunchin away!

Cherry Blossom Blessing said...

Dani Joy...Mary stole my thunder! Actually you are amazing! Good time to get great so you can keep up with those men of yours epecially when they hit the teens!
love, anita

Dani Joy said...

jejeje.. Ladies, You are great!

Yes, Anita, I gotta get in shape for these boys of mine! I want to be able to play soccer with them. ;)

Love Crunchin´with ya´ll
Dani Joy

Becka said...

Love her ,I watch her on The Biggest loser,
Shes hard on them ,but she knows what shes talking about,
!!!got to get those dvds!!!

Dani Joy said...

I actually have never seen the program the biggest loser except on the internet.

A lot of my bloggy friends recommended her dvds.

they have made a huge difference in my body.

crunchin´for Jesus,
Dani JOY

Deanna W. said...

Hi, I'm Jillian. Buy my video or I crunch your abs. LOL! She looks (and sounds) tough!