Saturday, November 21, 2009

Game Plan Tips for Christmas Parties

These are some ideas that I have come up with to try to keep those
Christmas Party goodies under control!

Tell me what you think... and add more to the list to
encourage each of us.

  1. Maybe try eating an apple and drinking alot of water before we go. Apples take a long time to eat, have fiber, and are filling. At least we won't go in starving, and can keep a better control on our hunger pains.
  2. Try to eat really healthy the rest of the day. If the party is at night... don't sabotage the morning or vise versa. Also, try to get exercise in even on those busy days. Some is better than none-I'm reminding myself:)
  3. If it is pot-luck style gathering, bring something healthy.
  4. Drink water.... not punch or pop. This will save at least 100 calories for an 8oz coke! Whoa! I also added up the calories for ginger ale mixed with cranberry juice... this is a popular Christmas punch here in Canada. It will give you 113 calories for ONE 8 oz glass. Hot tea or coffee is safe if you can add your own sugar, or an even better idea is to buy small packets of stevia, splenda, or equal to keep in our purse.
  5. Fill our plates FIRST with the veggies or fruits that are at the party. This will give us very little room for other higher calorie stuff. DON'T make a 2nd trip, unless it's for more of those raw veggies:) Avoid those dipping sauces though:)
  6. Maybe choose ONE small dessert to enjoy.
  7. Try to focus on the joy of the season, the birth of our Saviour, and enjoying family and friends... rather than the food. I'm talking to myself!

Do you ladies have any other ideas to help me along?


Joy said...

Good tips, Kristy, for the Christmas party. I don´t have any big tip to add. Just thinking about my church ladies...when I have something (anything) on my plate, and a glass (usually water) in my hand, they don´t continue to insist that I eat something. When I don´t, they worry that I´m going to dry up and blow away...fat chance of that ever happening! So I try and eat a few bites and keep food on the plate and then just keep filling my cup with water, so that they will not worry and keep encouraging me to eat, when I know the choices are not good ones. I try and do this on furlough as well. Nothing like casual eating and talking to loose count of how much we´re eating:) love, Joy

Dani Joy said...

These are really good, Kristy!

I will be trying to think of some more too.

Dani Joy