Saturday, November 28, 2009

I´m LAZY,Shopping, and Milkshakes Crunch 19

OHHHHHHH I am so lazy tonight!

I layed around and watched a movie with my family! Yikes! It wouldn´t have been so bad except for the extra cheese and no sugar added choc. treats I had with my tea.

I did get some walking in today as we went to Ikea. Do you all know how big that place is???

We walked and walked. I only counted one point though as it wasn´t fast pace walking.

And yes, I did it! I had a milkshake. After a only having a few sips of my boys milkshakes these past few times, I broke down and bought myself a berry shake. It was so good. Oh I don´t want to give you all crazings. I will just  say this, It´s so important to have a free day and then get right back on that wagon. Now, that I have reached my goal, I didn´t feel badly having that milkshake at all. Now I am back to having one or two sips of my boys for the next time.

Have a wonderful Lord´s day and if you can get a little bit of crunchin´in, it maybe be a good idea after the holiday eating.

Big Crunchin hugs


Madridmom said...

Where do you get the milkshakes? Does your Ikea sell them? i've never seen milkshakes up here in Madrid.

Siberia said...

I'm trying not to be jealous. We don't have anything like this in our area. I'm trying to be patient about the lack of real malls and such, but sometimes, I just miss the Western world. It looks like a really fun place. I hope to be able to visit an IKEA some day. I've heard they have great things. The milkshake sounds very yummy too!


Dani Joy said...

Yeah, Alice, Ikea has the "batidos" for 1€. On your free day, head on over! jeje

Oh Tami, I so empathize. We didn´t have any of this for a long time either. I understand. Hang in there. Maybe you can get a small vaccation to come out here to Spain one day. Does Ryan air fly out of Russia? I wonder. hmmmmm

We can fly Ryan air in Europe really cheap.

well, You are always invited to come for a visit. :)

Big Crunchin hugs
Dani Joy