Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm sick...

throat's sore, ears ringing, head's throbbing, and fever. Trying to keep Caroline home schooling. Think I'll take her papers and a hot tea to bed with me to grade. See you when I'm strong again.... Love, ya. Karen


Dani Joy said...

oh no!!! have some Caldo and call me in the morning. jeje

Frenedol(sp) works good too. Hot lemon. works like Thera Flu.

It´s no fun being sick. I got sick right at the start of the Christmas Crunch. When I was doing one of my dvd´s (after I had gotten alittle bit better) I hacked up something onto my exercise mat! It was sooo gross!!

I know you wanted to know that!

Hope this creepy crude goes away fast!

Dani Joy

Maribel said...

I hope you get better soon. Get all the rest you can before you come back to "crunching". Good bless you.Maribel

Joy said...

Are you feeling better? Sure hope so. love, Joy

Ketty said...

Ok lady, I hope you feel better soon. For sore throat I usually take homeopahty medicine, it works great for me. Mercurio solubilis 30 CH. Believe me, it won´t kiil you, it will help right away.

We need to see you here again soon.