Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just checking in

No I didn't die, but I thought I was going to. Thursday I rode my bike on the balcony in cold rainy weather for 70 mins. Duh! Ended up with the worst cold, fever and sinus attack! Didn't get out of bed until Sun am. Ate like there was no tomorrow and am now too afraid to get on the scale or measure.

Today is the first day I'm getting back on track. Keep wanting to think that my diet made me sick and maybe I should not go so strict. Maybe I'm delusional. Anyway, going more moderate this week and see what next weigh-in brings. Not motivated at all. DH moved my bike inside in front of the tv. Haven't had the energy to get back on it yet. Will today. Slowly. Head is still congested and body tired. Today I also hope to get back to using the stairs to the apt again.


Dani Joy said...

You can do it, girl! It wasn´t your diet. It was that cold cold north! jeje Your diet will make you stronger. You will get stronger. Just the first couple of weeks are tough.

I hope you get right back on that bike. It´s one of the best things for ya!

Keep on Crunchin´
Dani Joy

Siberia said...

Karen, Don't quit now! You're doing great. Do you remember that song, "Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again." ? You are the one who encouraged me to start this challenge. I will be lost without you!

My son had his birthday today, and now I am feeling sick from eating cake and ice cream. I haven't exercised yet, but I still have 1 hour to get it done (11 PM here).


Joy said...

Hi Karen,
Glad you are up and going again. So sorry you got sick. And please, please, don´t quit now. Don´t even worry about the numbers and just get back on what you were doing with the diet and the exercise. We are with you and if you´re dh has moved the bike inside, I can see he is cheering you on too!

Ketty said...

Ok my lady, you are not going to quit now even if you didn´t lose any weight or inches this week. Just go back to that bike and if you can´t be there 60 min. start with 20 or 25 min.
Imagine how will you you be in a few months if you keep it up. Go and look at that picture you have on the fridge´s door. You started and you are not a quitter.
Ok, and know I am just waiting to hear from you that you are back on track as soon as you health improves. Little by little, don´t over do it the first day.