Monday, November 9, 2009

Low cal nacho idea

Just tried this idea tonight. Was in the mood for nachos, but not in the mood for the calories!

So....took some small tortilla shells that were "light" (called Rapiditas here in Argentina) and sprayed a teflon pan and just lightly toasted 2 of them. (I had pre-cut them w/ a pizza cutter into small get the "nacho- effect") Added some "port salut" cheese when they were about toasted on the 2nd side and covered the tortilla w/ a saucepan lid to help it melt. Then cut up 2 small cherry tomatoes and part of an avocado and added a Tbsp. of salsa. (note: there is only one of the tortillas in the picture on a smaller plate - thought it looked pretty. I did toast 2 tortillas)

2 small tortillas - only 112 cal. for both!
"port salut" soft cheese (30 g) - 92 cal.

If a person wanted this for a regular meal, could add a bunch of lettuce, and more veggies for a taco salad. I had this more as a light dinner as I actually wasn't too hungry. Amazing!


Joy said...

Thanks for the recipe (the picture too) as it looks yummy! I know what you mean about the weight not moving down. Maybe you could try fruit for supper (2 pieces) and a few nuts - or just skip the nuts :) When I do this I cut up my fruit in a pretty bowl and then eat very slowly, savoring every bite, so my mind and body will think "this is enjoy!" Joy

Susan said...

Much thanks Joy for the idea of fruit for supper. Appreciate the insight!