Monday, November 9, 2009

My update

Hello Ladies its me Becka,(Big mama hot cakes)
I wanted to give yall a update on myself,
I started strong last week (monday),
I felt good all week ,NO NAPS all week,
I just cant get over that ,I sometimes take one on wednesdays,
& sundays most of the time,,,
But none last week .
What days I didnt get to go to the track, I did excersie at home,
I felt so good all week,

By friday I had lost 6 pds,
Me & my husband had been talking about we didnt know eating better,changing the way you eat,would stay on the mind all the time,
When you are not trying to do better you really dont think about it,We didnt anyway,
So friday night I was watching my dog ,sit and look at her food ,(she never does that)it made me think "IT THAT WHAT I LOOKED LIKE ALL WEEK??"

We must be strong in ourself,& in God ,to get through this,

Happy Crunch Monday Gals,

1 comment:

Dani Joy said...

Girl, you are doing great!! I am so happy for you!

Have you gotten to update your ticker? I can help you if you want me to do it for you. Just tell me how many exercise points you have... or how many minutes you have exercised. I can count you posts and your pounds too!! Girl you should have lots of points!

I am so proud of you! keep on Crunchin!!

Funny about the dog. But we do need to be thinking about what we eat cause it does affect us.

Big crunchin´hug,
Dani Joy