Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Week One

Okay, so I just realized that this "Crunch In" is like our online diet journal. I'll get it - maybe. =)

So I have been doing a stretching/strengthening workout every morning and evening. I keep counting it for 20 min because I am half asleep while I am doing it and not sure if it is longer than that because I am not awake or what. Today I did yogalates with my 6 yo daughter and am really sore! She made a date for 3 times a week though, so here goes. =)

Last week I just checked to see about how many calories I was eating. I did really good Wed., Thurs., and Fri. I started off good on Sat but with Halloween and activities I had candy for dinner. =( Sunday I was only partway careful. 2 free days in a row. Oops! This week I started limiting my calories, since I knew what I was eating. It has been going good!
Also, I had read about apple cider vinegar as a diet supplement. It helps sugar cravings, evens out your blood sugar, attaches to your gat in your foods and stored fat, helps immunity, etc. SO I thought I would give it a try. I did not pay attention to the fact that it was vinegar! Wed I took it. Thurs I gagged. Fri I gagged. Sat I decided not worth it! Sunday I was craving the sugar, etc! So, I started back on 2 Tablespoons a day. I take 1 Tbsp in about 2 Tbsp on tea with a straw. This helps the gagging. I'll let you know in a month if it truly is worth it! =)
(Does this count as a tip?)

I will weigh and measure tomorrow night, just wanted to crunch in and get some points.
Keep up the great work everyone! Your posts are very encouraging to read!


Dani Joy said...

wow! I will try that apple cider vinager thing maybe. jeje

Yes, it counts as a tip.

Great job, Sarah! Keep up the good Crunchin´

Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

forgot to click on the follow up box. jeje

Love you, My Crunchin´Ladies!!

Dani Joy

Joy said...

Hi Sarah,
Interesting about the apple cider vinegar. I´ve heard (many years ago) of it doing wonderful things, but never thought to try it for dieting.
I wonder if you mix the 2 Tbsp. with about a half of cup water, if that would help with the gagging and make it easier to get down? Let me know if you find something out and how it works for you. Joy

Dani Joy said...

Sarah, try it on your salads with olive oil! I eat it on my salads I realized tonight. Never even thought about it. jeje

The Herd said...

I've tried this for digestion...and I gagged too!!!