Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WK 4 Double Crunch - Kathy

No exercise again today but I did measure…. Wow I lost another kilo and 13 (yes 13) cms. I even re-measured just to double check I was so shocked.

Here are the stats:

Previous Actual

Bust 116 114

Chest 97 94

Waist 101 100

Hips 120 117

R Thigh 72 70

L Thigh 72 71

R Arm 41 40

L Arm 40 40

Weight 97.65 96.85

I know the last is not a full kilo but I’ve only been counting complete kgs and have some to carry over from last week. Total loss since the start of the crunch 3.35Kg :o)

Thanks for the double points Dani, it means today I broke through the 100

I have noticed with some clothes that I’m losing cm’s. I have to tighted my belt one hole tighter now and some trousers I bought in the States in Sept were annoyingly loose on Saturday. Annoying in the sense that I didn’t put a belt on and had to keep hitching them up (saggy bum hipsters AREN’T and should never become a fashion trend!). I’m not throwing them out yet though. I want to get a photo wearing them at the end of the crunch to show the difference.


Dani Joy said...

Woooo HOOOOO, Kathy!! Isn´t this a great feeling!! I am soooo soooo proud of you!! and soooo soooo thankful for you!!!

Big crunchin hugs
Dani Joy

Sarah K said...

Way to go!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Way to go Kathy!
13 cenemeters is amazing results!
Keep up the good work.

Joy said...

Great work, Kathy. Now you need to share your secret. My weight it NOT budging, and I want your recipe for loosing so much :) love, Joy

Siberia said...

Great job, Kathy. Keep up the good work! Are you feeling better yet with your fibro episode?


Ketty said...

Good job Kathy, keep up the good work!!!