Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WK4 Ketty

As they say, no pain no gain. And Miss Dani, how long do you think my body is going to keep hurting ? LOL. Yes, more of my muscles hurt today, and I´m still on day 3 of Jillian´s dvd. I didn´t know I had these many muscles, specially in my "behind".
I also did get my 30 min walk today.

Anyway, I haven´t seen much change this week, so here we go:

Bust 40.5 in. same
Chest 34 in 33.5 in.
Waist 35.4 in. 35 in.
Hips 39.5 in. same
R thigh 21.5 in 20.5 in.
L thigh 21.5 in. 20.5 in
R arm 12 in. 11.2 in
L arm 11 in. same

Weight 149.5 same

Have a great day


Dani Joy said...

The intense pain lasted a few days.. the tightness lasted a week or so. but then I got limber and really a lot better at it.

Girl, any inches is victory!!!

Great Crunchin´

Crunchin´with ya,
Dani Joy

Joy said...

Amen, Ketty. Keep it up. Love, Joy

Dani Joy said...

We were wearing the same color shirt today. ;) YOu look great! ARe you feeling better?

Dani Joy

Sarah said...

You look great. The muscle soreness should tell you your body is doing it's job. You broke down the mucle and now it's rebuilding it for you. Of course... it doesn't help when it feels like you've been riding a horse for a week straight, but it will get better. Keep it up girl!

Siberia said...

Keep up the great work, Ketty! I still feel sore almost every day.