Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Crunch In with video

Today I did my Full Circuit video for 50 minutes and did 10 minutes of toning exercises. I finally got my husband to film us while we were exercising. So you get to see 3 of the Jackson 5 doing exercises together. We won't sing for you, but we will show you some of our exercise moves. :-)

Go ahead and laugh. My son, especially, is kind of funny, as he doesn't always follow the instructor. We had a good time. We did one other video, but we were laughing, so we didn't end up and post that one.

Have a great crunchin' day.



Joy said...

Tami, I call the veggie my dh brought home squash but it is also called pumpkin. I don´t really know the difference. It is sometimes squatty and fat and sometimes is long and thinner, but always bright orange on the inside. It is definitely not "butter-squash" which has more white and green streaks on the peeling. Anyway, your pumpkin is my squash:) love, Joy

Dani Joy said...

These are great videos! thanks for posting them, Tami!!

What a fun activity! PE class!.. I am going to be ordering these dvds for sure!

Dani Joy

Ketty said...

I should also record my kids, they like to go along also.
Your kids look great.


The Herd said...