Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hi Ladies,
I'm back for another challenge, and so excited to work hard. Thanks Dani Joy for getting us together. You have been an encouragement to us all!

I have had a weight struggle all my life. Sometimes I joke and say....."I was born a size 12". That is the size that I was all through high school and college. Well, ten years and four kids later(plus a miscarriage, deputation, moving to a new country, then moving again to a new city in a new country, starting a new church, and a busy life with 4 wonderful kids under 7) I'm in a size 14-16. Oh, to see those 12's again! I have lost 30lbs, but still have 34lbs to go. This will be what I weighed when we got married(9 1/2 yrs ago). That is my goal. Now, I don't think that I can lose all 34 during this challenge. In fact, my weight has been at a stand-still for a while now. I try to eat healthy, but no pounds come off. I'm praying that the Lord will help and guide me each day to the right food choices. It's going to take His strength. My strength always fails me! This picture was taken a few hours ago... after dinner and on the first day of the "Girl Problem".... YIKES!

I usually tell NOBODY my weight, and didn't on the last challenge. This time I'm going to take the plunge and tell you ladies so that you can hold me accountable.

Ha! Ha! This is how I go out... with a sweater and sucking in:)

Weight: 204lbs-Girl Problem came today-so hopefully I'll have a loss next week!
Left Arm: 15"
Right Arm: 15"
Left Leg: 25"
Right Leg: 25"
Waist: 36.5"
Chest: 42
Hips: 47

I have been eating like a diabetic 6 times a day. I am not a diabetic, however, this is how the other 30lbs. came off. I am trying not to have sugar, except when feeling sick. Sometimes I feel really funny, so I have been sucking on a piece of hard candy. That seems to help. It will be just eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and exercising for my plan. I don't like fad diets or pills! ...Might try the "Making the Cut" thing--if I can find the book. My family and I are missionaries to Canada, btw. I'm excited about being healthy and having more energy to serve the Lord and take care of my family.


Tori said...

Hey there Kristy, so nice to meet you!
Good luck on your journey!

Dani Joy said...

Girl, your pictures are great! YOu are a blast! Thanks for being so open! You are an inspiration. I would have never guessed your weight in a million years you always looked so slim in your pictures. Are you tall?

Let us remember we are beautiful inside and out because we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I know you know this.. Just felt like I needed to say it again for me too! But yes, let´s get fit and healthy and stay that way! (with His strength like you stated)

I think an increase in cardio exercise is just what you need. I would say you are doing great eating like a diabetic! that´s how I lost a lot of my weight too. I use to say that I was pretending. We have diabetics in our church, so I just did what they did. I loved it and I felt like it helped me empathize with them too. But the increase in cardio and strength training exercise is what started to really make a difference.
She is tough but if you can get Jillian´s Dvd instead of the book Making the Cut I think it would do more for you. Making the Cut is good but I ended up eating more due to the diet. It was weird. anyway... say all that to say.. Sweat it, Girl!!! ;)

Spring Flingingin´ that FAT,
Dani Joy

Sarah K said...

Welcome back Kristy!
Your pictures are great!
Praying this challenge helps with the pounds.
Springing into shape with you!

Annie said...

Thanks sweet lady for sharing with us. I have struggled like you and have only gone 5 days without sugar, but I am trusting God to give me the will power and strength and praying He will help you also. Great that you lost so much weight already!