Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dani Joy´s Springy Journal 7- starting Nix the Fix!

It´s my new watch! It counts calories, heart rate and programs my weekly exercise needs! It´s amazing. It just lacks one doesn´t track distance. Soooo... I am still looking for something that does all this and can be used for lap swimming. Mean while, love trying this watch out.

Here is how it monitors my heart rate.

Shocking picture, but seens how we are on private blog thought I would show you the chest band. It works great and is very comfortable.

So my first two workouts with the new watch I have burned 506 calories on each workout.

Monday, I started the 30 day shred again, with Nina! I am so excited to do it again. I am starting right at level 3. I did the shred and then took off for a jog keeping my monitor on the whole time. I did almost a full hour workout!

Always wondered what I was burning while doing the shred. Level 3 for me burns 270 calories. Then my 15 minute jog put me up over 500 calories burned.

Tuesday, I did the shred plus half of the Trouble Zones DVD! One Hour workout with Jillian!! I was so excited, because it was the first time I have done the jumping Rock Stars at speed with Jillian! They are ones I could only jump half way or only do some. But yesterday, I did every single one with Jillian! of course I wasn´t talking afterward. haha =) I just let out a whoop and went down to the ground to do the last minute of abs.

 I have a lot less time on Wednesday.  I didn´t think I would get in a full workout. So after my english class, I took off on a jog. I got 20 minutes in. Then after my other class, I got another 10 minute jog. I hurried home to do the shred. I didn´t have enough time to do all of it all the way through. I cut out the second set of the last two circuits. But still burned 586 calories in an hour workout.

My measurements are the same this morning but my weight was up. I already put that I had lost 2 more pounds on my ticker, and was hoping to announce it today. I won´t change my ticker, just wait till my weight gets back down there again. Which I am hoping will happen tomorrow. Several factors could have played into my gain. Salty food (soy sauce), one desert and a piece of candy, and then after my workout I was starving so I ate a big pita filled with eggs, veggies and cheese. Well, when I write it out like that it´s no wonder the scales went up.

Well, that´s going to change this week! I am increasing my cardio and going to Nix the Fix especially on my night time snacking!

Stay tuned tomorrow to my food choices. Remember you can post your food choices as a Springy Journal every day this week for a total of 7 points. Also you can still post one tip.

Have a good week putting a Nix on the Fix!

Dani Joy


Joy said...

Hi Dani, (had to remove the previous many typing mistakes - it is late)

Wow!! I like your watch. Does keeping track of the calories in that way help you to know how much you need to exercise? Sounds like good information that could help you know more exactly what you are doing.
I have a step counter - that hooks on your belt (waist) it is a pretty cheap thing - but it tells you how many steps you´ve taken. Has a way at the beginning when you set it to decide the length of your steps (stride) so you can know about how many kilometers or miles you´ve done.
Please don´t feel bad about the exercises, Dani. I´ve done them because I needed to get up and do some exercise. I was kind of crazy at first and remember how I ached so bad? But I have felt so much stronger and agile. Sandy, my daughter was amazed when the acupuncture dr. had me lay on my stomach and then took my foot and pressed it into my behind! She was impressed that I was so flexible and it is because of the exercise.
I´m thanking the Lord that I am recovering, but am truly scared because I can´t put my finger on what I did and if it was just gradual wear from exercise then I do want to know how to fix that and make the muscles stronger. If all I can do for a few months is walk, then that is what I will do, but eventually would like to be able to exercise again. Meanwhile, thanks to the "nix the fix" I´ll be able to add on some points. I have at times felt that the enemy is trying to discourage me from winning my battle against "no exercise" so have asked the Lord ot protect me and give me wisdom as I get "back in the saddle again".

Sarah said...

Yay!! You finally got one! I hope you like it. I know I love mine! It was a lot to take in when I firt got it, but I got used to it and all that it could do.

Ketty said...

Joy, I love you watch, I´m jelous now :-)
nd Joy, don´t worry , star by walking first and once you feel ok with no pai at all start to exercise, BUT very slowy. I for example have a hard time junping, so I just barely lift my feet from the floor, but my body does get up a little.


Dani Joy said...

Joy, You are a trooper for sure! wish I could tell my mom more about you but don´t want her feeling like I am comparing. jeje YOu are an inspiration though for all those who have gone through tough health set backs. It´s such a great testimony that you just get right back in there and do what you can. AMEN!

My watch keeps track of calories burned, my exercise program for the week, how much I need to exercise to maximize my exercise, the Optimum heart rate zone to burn fat. this is what is so cool! I guess it´s too much to ask for it to keep distance too. but I am going to see if I can find one that does all this and keeps distance too. jeje.. worth a try anyway. I thought it would so that´s why I got it.

Oh I can´t tell you how glad I am that you are feeling better and are not afraid to keep exercising if it is just walking.

Un abrazo muy grande para mi hermana y mi amiga!

Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

Sarah does your watch calculate distance, heart rate, heart rate zones, and calories burned? I need one that does distance too. I think those cost a lot more though.

Dani Joy

Maribel said...

I got one today!! Joy, Ketty, I got it at ALDI's for a good price. I have to read the instructions and figure it out. I'll let you all know when I do.
Good night.