Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb. 04

Ok, here are my measurements for this t week. It´s almost the same as last week.

Weight – 147.5 lbs.
145.2 lbs (67 KG)

Bust: 39 in.

Chest: 32.5 in

Waist: 33 in

Hips: 39 in.

Right Thigh: 20 in
20 same

Left Thigh: 20 in
20 same

Right Arm: 10.5 in.
10.5 same

Left Arm: 10.5 in.
10.5 same

My exercise routine has been walking 6 days last week. I also did Jillian at least 4 times. which is pumpim my heart up.

I can still feel some of my muscles, but nothing compared to the pain I had during the CCC. So if you are new here and still have pain, don´t worry, your body needs to get used to exercise. And I LOVE to feel the pain on my stomach, it means I´m trying to "shrink it".

have a great day.



Dani Joy said...

Girl, you lost a lot! half inches in almost every area!! this is great! Keep at it and you are going to shrink to nothing! jeje
How great you are losing it where you want to be too.

You are an encouragement to me!

Springing it with ya,
Dani Joy

Joy said...

Ketty, So, today I can hardly walk after a 40 min. workout yesterday! Is this good? I truly was praying that the legs wouldn´t get this way again. My dear daughter said the best thing is to keep moving, so I did (walked 1 hr today).
I´m glad you are able to see the progress, because those little steps help you see you are getting to your goal. Keep it up : )

Dani Joy said...

Totally normal, Joy after the Trouble Zones dvd! That´s a bear of a workout. I am always sore after doing the whole thing. And Sandy is right, keep moving. unless of course you tore something. You know all that though. ;)
Big hugs
Dani Joy

Ketty said...

jajajajaaj Joy, yes, it´s normal to hurt after 40 min of Jillian. I´m palnning on doing 40 min tonight also.

Now, don´t confuse the pain from a workout from the pain from an injury.

I know when I started the cruch in Oct. my calf was injured, because of the jumping jazz, so I had to take care or that and not force that area.

Now, if you have exercise pain, (agujetas) then yes, keep walking.


Joy said...

Dani, this was something called "Dorm Room workout" - it didn´t look hard, nor did it feel bad as I was doing it. I actually enjoyed it...except for the sweating part:) So don´t think I tore anything, just haven´t had this much soreness since I did the first day of the crunch. It was the squats that killed me.

Sarah K said...

You are doing great!
Keep up the great work!