Monday, February 1, 2010

Jillian 40 min workout

Since I started this crunch, today was the first day I did the whole 40 min from Jillian trouble zones DVD. I think my eyelashes already hurt :-) and I won´t be able to move very well tomorrow.
But....... did it feel good after I was done??? yes it did.

I don´t remember who wrote this before, but I think it was Sarah who said she liked it when she felt the pain the next day after a workout, that meant it was done right. Sorry if it wasn´t you, I just can´t remember who said it.

Not only that, I also walked for 40 min today, so i think I got my exercise fot the day and I will have a great beauty sleep tonight.

And, I´m still hanging on the 13 days diet. I can´t wait to be done, only 5 more days. Let´s see if I can hang in there because Saturday is my dh´s birthday and we are planning to go out. We´ll see, it will be my last day.

Love you all


Dani Joy said...

Great Springing and Crunching!! you are amazing!

Springin with ya,
Dani Joy

Joy said...

Wow, 40 min. with Jillian. Way to go, Ketty!

Maribel said...

Well, Ketty, I think 12 days of dieting is pretty good; don't spoil the birthday party! ;) How can you exercise without eating? Are you feeling satisfied? That is great. I have had a bad week. I wasn't going to post measurements, and Danielle goes and offers extra credit! We'll see.
Well done, girlfriend!

Ketty said...

I am exercising and hvven´t fainted yet, but somtimes I wonder if I will :-)

After 9 days of eating very different my body is getting used to it but I still can´t wait for this to be done.

And maybe you are right, I might have a great meal with dh. The kids are going to Shelley´s for the night Friday night, so I will have to go out and eat beans. We decided to take turns and once a month we keep each other kids Friday night that way us, the parentes that is, can go ut or just do nothing but be alone.