Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Springy Journal

This week I tried to get back into my normal routine after being out of town. I jumped right back in! And now, I will be leaving again next week - at least it's my recovery week from p90x!

Here is what I did this week:

Thursday: 45 minute run; p90x biceps, back, ab ripper
Friday: 40 minute run; p90x plyometrics
Saturday: 30 minute run; p90x kenpo
Sunday: Off Day
Monday: 45 minute run; p90x chest, shoulders, triceps, and ab ripper. 2 full games of Volleyball (2 1/2 hours)
Tuesday: 40 minute run; p90x plyometrics
Wednesday: 45 minute run... and I'm still planning on doing p90x biceps, back and ab ripper.

My weight and measurements stayed exactly the same as last week. So, no change for me!

Below is a picture of what my knees looked like after I got home from volleyball. I should have taken the pic the next day when they were black and blue... and swollen. Lets just say, I'm competitive!


Joy said...

Sounds like you´re exercise is going good and also fun (the volleyball) although your knees are probably not too happy with you this morning : )
Do you think you´ve gotten to the weight you are supposed to be? Another question: will you keep doing the time and this level of exercise right on? Just interested in what you are thinking.
Also have a guy friend of our family who has asked if we know anyone who is doing the P90X program. Since you are the only one I know using it, was wondering if you have any thoughts to share (negative, positive) that I could pass on to him. Have a good day and a good trip.

Dani Joy said...

oooo I love playing sports as you know, and I always end up with bruises. Go all out, I say!

Good thing you are in the shape you are in so you can go pounding around like that.

Did you win?? that is the question. jeje

Well, tomorrow is the big day. My guest post on God Speaks Today. I am a little nervous now. silly huh?

Big Springy Hugs
Dani Joy

Sarah said...

Joy - I am at the weight I want to be at. I'm not trying to lose, just trying to tone up. As for P90X... I will write a post about it because you're not the first person to ask.

Dani - We did win, both games actually. And I had no idea you were guest posting. I'll check it out!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...


You are amazing to get that much exercise!
I have four kids under 7 and homeschool two of them, plus I'm a pastor's wife. It seems that I have to either get up early or stay up late... maybe sneak it in during nap time:)