Thursday, March 11, 2010

Four pointer

Hello Ladies,

I wasn't going to post, since I left my computer somewhere this on Monday and did not get it until last night. Not only the computer, but also my exercise clothes. I have not done serious exercise in a couple of days, so I was not going to post. BUT, my scale this morning motivated me: It greeted me with a 55.9, and since that translate into points, I could not pass the opportunity (the power of motivation ;)

Saturday: 1 hout metabolism boost.
Sunday: I walked home from the Wok ;)
Tuesday: 20 minutes and walking.

I have not measured, but when I do, I will edit my post and get into "springing".
Tomorrow we celebrate Andrea's 10th birthday. I'll have a free week instead of a free day if I'm not careful.

Have a good day.

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Dani Joy said...

hey Maribel! So glad you took advantage of the points!! YOur scales are cooperating! that´s great! what are you eating at night? I finally got back to 58 kilos I think and now to get dropping a few more. I can´t believe you are at 55.9! that´s great!!! that´s what I was in College I think. somewhere around that.

Hey, My second son´s b day is soon too. I remember that your Andrea is about the same age as our Andrew. =) He turns 10 on April 9th.

Yes, be careful of that b-day cake. =)

Dani Joy