Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dani Joy's CCCII Journal 2 - Measurements and a Humorous Tip

ONE WEEK DOWN! Wooo hooo!

How do ya'll feel? Are we getting out of our comfort zones? At least, out of the kitchens a bit more? lol

 I know I feel great!

It's been a great week for exercise! I got Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones DVD in twice, a couple of good runs and quite a lot of ab and leg work in. I know my body now. I must exercise an hour a day in order to burn what I am eating. Especially now that I am traveling and eating out more than normal. Having the Crunch to keep us accountable and motivated, keeps me doing the workouts. I even have increased the weights I use to 8# on some of my lifting.

Here are my beginning measurements from last Wed. I will measure every other week, as I probably won't see too much change. I think I will add the fat part of my belly in there too, next time, just to see if there is any change in that.

Height - 5'3"
weight -123
waist - 29 3/4" up a little from last challenge

chest- 29 1/2" up a little from last challenge
Arms - L- 10 1/2 R.- 10 1/4
Hips- 35" This is down from all the other challenges! I must have been doing something!
Butt- 37"
R. Thigh - 21 1/2"
L. Thigh- 21 3/4"

Today, I weighed in. I was down a pound! I am so excited! Didn't think I would lose anything more. I only want to see if I can get down to my best college weight. :) Anyway.. only if God permits and I am not saying what that weight is. I know I have more muscle mass now and that is weighty, so well, I am keeping at my fitness journey for life and if a little more comes off so be it.

Have a great week Crunchin' it ladies!!

Crunchin' hugs,
Dani Joy

*** PS. If you would like to double up your tips with your journal posts you may do so. For example this one is a humor tip with my journal = 2pts.


Annie said...

Thanks Dani Joy! You did it!

Dani Joy said...

Thank you Anne! :)

Siberia said...

How is your hip measurement different from your butt? Maybe I'm not doing something right. Congrats on those hips. I would love to get to that size.


Dani Joy said...

Hip measurements are actually only a hand length down from your waist. Sarah F. from the other challenge was doing two measurements, her hips and then her butt. It was then that I realized I was measuring too low on my hips and getting more of my butt in there. lol So I thought I would do both as well.

as I need to measure the fatty part of my tummy so I can be encouraged if there is any change in that. jeje

Dani Joy