Sunday, October 17, 2010

introductory post From Sarah B.

Hi Ladies,
I have not taken my measurements, but I can say that I am weighing in at between 144 and 145 for my 5'1" frame. That's not a happy place for me to be right now. I've let almost a year go by since Dani first start the Crunch, and I wish I had just been doing it--Then I would be looking fabulous right now and not trying to squeeze into my pants that used to be comfortable....
HOWEVER, I am not going to look back and wish any more. This past week, I have made solid changes that are hopefully going to add up. I have never been one to purchase white bread or rice products, but I've found myself ingesting them more and more. So this week, I've been more conscious of eating only whole grains--Only once did I have pizza, and I felt gross!--Oh, also, I have not been eating refined sugar this week either.
Also, I've been walking, walking, walking!
All I can do at this point, is start changing little things one by one and hopefully start to see a change.


Charlie said...

That's right! There's nothing you can do about the past. We are always to concentrate on now and the future.

The Lord does not want us to look back only forward. Remember Lot's wife.

We can learn from our mistakes, but then move forward and God will bless our efforts.


Sarah Annie said...

Thanks, Charlie!
I'm lookin' forward!

Dani Joy said...

Hey, Sarah! It´s so great to have you back! I am rooting for you! Praying for you!

What a blessing that you are able to get back on track! You will see a diffence! Stay focused and make it a fitness journey for life.

I look forward to seeing you again one day. Did you know we stepped back on PCC for the first time in 13 years. It was fun as it wasn´t school time yet. ;) Have you been back?

Crunchin´with ya,
Dani Joy

Sarah Annie said...

Thanks Dani,
I'm really inspired by all the pictures you've posted of yourself--Love that tiny waist--That's my motivation right there!
Are you enjoying being back in the States for awhile? How long do you get to stay?
I haven't been back to PCC in a LONG time! I'm sure that it has changed tremendously since you and I graduated!