Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tursting God to do great things

Starting the third week already! I have been walking 3 miles with my daughter Gen each morning up and down hills and I do stationary exercise. I have cut out sweets, starches, junk food and eat smaller portions. I feel hungry most of the time. I weighed myself this morning and only lost 1#total for the 2 weeks. I did lose 9 cumulative inches. My face seems to look slimmer. I remember my older brother stating that he hated the way women looked after losing weight with their sunken in faces. My face could stand to slim down and I am not worried. This is my third challenge. I was moving during the first challenge and didn’t get into it. The Sweating off the fat was a good challenge and got me serious about exercising and eating better. Now, I am tired of being fat and look forward to God’s working in me to glorify him with my body.

I am thankful for the extra point challenge this week and really feel that I haven’t been drinking much water. With this challenge, I got a half gallon mason jar and filled it with filtered water. I have been pouring this into my drinking glass and I only have one more cup to finish. I have gotten into a bad habit of getting a very strong cup of freshly ground and freshly brewed coffee in the morning and nursing it all morning long. This challenge has really put this important ingredient back into focus. Thanks Dani Joy.

Please welcome our new member, Mary Merritt. She should be posting soon. She is a godly older woman and good friend who could use our encouragement. Thanks!



Dani Joy said...

Awesome, Anne! You are going strong now! No turning back! even if you have a hicup you know you can just hop right back on track.

You have got to be so pumped by the changes taking place. You will see your face thin out. Everyone will get use to it. ;) It how we feel that´s so important as you wrote.

I am so excited about Mary joining us. I will get her a ticker right away.

Dani Joy

Charlie said...

Hi Anne,

You are doing so great! I am so excited that you are really sticking to it.

It's not how we look but how we feel that really matters. The more energetic we feel the better we'll be able to serve the Lord.


Larry R. Carlisle said...

Wow, Annie, 3 miles each morning is great! Glad Gen is able to join you as you walk. It's always more fun with others joining in too.

Kathryn :-)