Thursday, November 4, 2010


Yesterday Dani Joy mentioned some great online tools to help with weight loss.  I wanted to share what I use to track my information.  It's called Medhelp it's a place you can go to track a lot of different kinds of information.  I use mine to track my water, exercise, menstrual cycle, mood, and weight.  They have over a dozen different trackers. You can also use the site to ask medical questions or join a support group. I'm not involved in that part of the site. You can also get medical information from real doctors. I like how I can see my progress.  Here is a picture of there site.


Dani Joy said...

Awesome! Thank you for posting this and sharing what works for you. It may help others as well that have medical needs.

God bless you in your crunching.

Dani Joy

Larry R. Carlisle said...

Interesting! Thanks for sharing this site, Rebecca!

Kathryn :-)