Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Everyone

Hi everyone,

I hope this is the right way to post and introduce myself. I'm a week late, sorry, but I'm excited about adapting a more healthier lifestyle. I am newbie vegetarian and I'm slowly breaking off the dairy products. I only drink almond milk and I'm trying to break off the cheese... I've been trying to stay between the 1200-1500 calories range until I can incorporate exercise in my life. I'm excited! and I really do feel like this is THE year for better healthy living...through God's grace of course :)



Charlie said...

Better late than never. So glad you decided to post. I ate vegetarian for a few years. It was a great way to loose weight. I started on the Hallelujah diet which is vegan and then went vegetarian. I loved it. I wasn't able to stick to it though because of the cost. When finances went down so did my food budjet. I learned alot of wonderful healthy ways of eating though. Vegetables are still a huge part of my diet.
Don't forget to incorporate protein though. There's alot of great plant sources for protein. My favorites are beans, quinoa, avocado, nuts. I used to add sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds to my salads too.

I hope you share some of your recipes.

Let's spring for a healthier lifestyle.

Dani Joy said...

HI, I am glad you are getting in on the blog. It is a little tough at first but once you get it, it should get easier. Most importantly is that we are praying and putting our plan into action. Exercising and eating healthy.

I love almond milk. Use to make it from scratch.

I was wondering what your first name was. I feel badly not recalling from your address nor name on the blog who you are. Could you introduce yourself a little. We would love to get to know you. ;)

You can do all things through Christ.

Springing with ya,
Dani Joy