Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weigh In First Week

Ok, so I did my weigh-in and measurements...I am down about 1.25 inches...but up .8 of a pound.-by the way, Dani Joy---I love that excel spread sheet you emailed a bit ago!  I know I am going to work on eating less at dinner.  I'm exercising--doing the 30 day Shred...was so sore yesterday, my hubby thinks I need to alternate muscle groups.  I haven't actually sat down to listen to the dvd at the beginning.  It's very hard for me to do this workout stuff when I am living with my in laws...I'm very hesitant about working out in front of anyone but my immediate family.  So, I've been doing my w.o. during her(mother in law) nap!!  That helps!  Today, I walked, played basketball and ran for all short times in my first 20 min., but I hope to do the shred or some type of video during her afternoon siesta. 


Dani Joy said...

Hang in there with the shred! It´s so worth it. Normally you do need to alternate but keep up with the shred for the 30 days because it gets results. when you can go on to the next levels it works some different muscles.

I understand about not wanting to workout infront of your inlaws. I hope that you can keep finding the time to workout and the time you need.

Great job playing b ball! isn´t it fun! Did you play with your sons?

Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

oh Love this cartoon! I put it on the blog last year sometime, too! you know what they say about great minds.

Dani Joy said...

OH btw..jeje..
Kathy made the very first spread sheet last year for our first ever challenge. I have just been re-vamping it ever since. She is so organized! ;)

Charlie said...

Yes, ordinarily you should alternate muscles, but it's best to keep going with the 30 day shred.

I know what you mean. I don't like to work out in front of my in-laws either. My in-laws usually spend the winters with us, but not this year. If they were here, I would probably be doing more walking.

Good job though in doing it while they are napping.