Sunday, March 13, 2011

La Talavera Staying Fit

Sharla here again. This past week seemed long and exhausting. I think the exhausting part comes from my allergy meds, but I am finally feeling normal again.

This week I was able to visit Anita Beiles on Monday, and we had a great time together doing things on the computer, having lunch, laughing and having coffee in the afternoon with the ladies from the church. It was a nice relaxing day for a change and she and Barry were very sweet to put up with me for a day. :)

Tuesday thru Friday I was able to up my running on my track to 30 min. Yay!

Yesterday, Sat., was my daughters birthday so I made a chocolate cake with a thick glossy frosting. It looked sooo yummy! I served myself a small piece and went and sat down in front of the computer and read your journals. I did that on purpose so as not to eat another piece. It worked!! As I was reading and watching Dani doing her exercises in her living room, I was encouraged to go out and take a walk. I took a 40 min. walk to the entrance of our urbanization and back home again. When I was coming back, my future daughter-in-law drove by with an unsaved couple friend of hers and wanted to give me a lift home. This couple had their brand new baby with them. I was soo excited to see their new baby that I walked jogged back home. That was quite the challenge since my walk back home is all up hill!! Needless to say, by the time I got home I was panting heavily. The good news? I felt fantastic afterwards and was able to finish all my work past eleven p.m. with all kinds of energy. yay!!

It will be interesting to see if I can jog all the way home up hill without stopping in the near future.

Many blessings to you all this week,

Sharla G.

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Dani Joy said...

Wonderful news! and look you got the post up all by yourself!! wooo hoo!

You motivate me to keep at it too!

Thank you for your tips and ideas!

I am excited for this next week.

Dani Joy