Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sarah D. End of week 6 journal

Well, no pounds lost for me this week. I am really surprised, since I feel like I was putting in extra effort this week. Nix the Fix, exercise, etc. I even exercised 60 minutes 3 days this last week which is not normal for me! So, hopefully this next week with the extra points I will see some results on the scale :-) I did lose another 1.5 inches so it is slowly coming off. Again in my mid-section, not so much on my hips, oh well! But at least I didn't GAIN any weight - the scale says exactly the same thing it did last week, down to the half-pound!

I have been trying to have a smoothie for one meal each day (usually lunch since my husband isn't home, so I don't usually cook anything for lunch - just fix the kids a sandwich.) I've been freezing banana chunks when they are just starting to get over-ripe so that I don't have to throw them away, and instead use them for smoothies. So I just add a few banana chunks with some water and milk powder (and sometimes some frozen mango chunks if I have them), blend up, and enjoy! It fills me up for quite a while and if I get hungry then I just try to have a healthy snack.

So, no great results this week but I feel like I am still keeping with the program. Slow and steady weight loss is what I am after, right? It would just be nice to see some movement on the scale each week!

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Charlie said...

I know what you mean about the weight loss being slow. I still have till tomorrow morning to weigh in and I'm hoping it still says what it said this morning. I had a couple of weeks though with no change on the scale only in inches. As long as I am losing something and not gaining I feel like I am doing well. Exercising will increase muscle to inches are actually more important than weight. It is nice to see both changes though.

Let's keep springing and with the Lord's help we will reap results.