Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sharla´s S2SII Journal 3 and Tips

Hi ladies,

Hope you had a blessed and restful Lord's day. I really did as I had an allergy attack and had to lay low. Usually this happens for a few days and then relents.

This week I can say that I continue to start slowly back on my exercise program. I basically did walking, jogging on track, upper and lower body workouts and some aerobics.

Have you ever wondered when you think about the Old Testament women if they were ever over weight? I have, and I don't think they had a weight problem. They didn't have faucets to open and electrical appliances to help them save time. Laundry and bath must have been an all day chore!! Just going back and forth to the water well and carrying heavy jugs must have kept their waists trim! They were strong ladies and we know that they would get up from the birthing tables and walk away with their babies. When you think about it, they didn't have much time to be sedentary. I think you can agree with me that we live such sedentary lives!! So much so that we become weak and our bodies don't funtion properly. I remember with my second baby I was able to get up from the birthing chair and carry him down to my room walking. I am not boasting because with my first baby I had a terrible time having birth, and of course I was out of shape, soo I determined to get strong with my second one and it really worked.

I have a tip for you that has helped me with digestion and helps you have less gas and keep fat from accumulating. Its a trick of being non-sedentary, ha,ha! I know this might be hard for those of us who do a lot of office work and are still homeschooling, but here goes...... Tip: Do not sit down 30 to 60 min. after a meal. Keep moving around because this helps you to not accumulate gas and fat and helps digestion.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for Nicki`s operation. PTL all went well and we were able to be home by Tuesday at 3 p.m. Yay! Only one night on the hospital chair!!

Getting excited about springing and spring appearing,

Sharla G.


Donna said...

LOVE that book. It makes the women of the Bible so much more real!

Charlie said...

I'm so glad that you only had to spend 1 night in the hospital. Thank the Lord that everything went well.

I'm with you, I don't think that women in Bible times had to worry about their weight. Too much manual work to be done.

I remember when I lived in the Philippines we had to walk everywhere. No telephones and not everyone had a vehicle, which meant if we wanted to talk to a friend, we had to walk over to their house. Maybe that's why I love to walk.

Dani Joy said...

I found that cover for a picture but haven´t ever read the book. Have you read it Sharla?

I totally think that food was just what they needed back then and didn´t make them fat. plus with all their activity they just burned it. (theoretically)

Great tip too!

Praise the Lord that Nicki only needed to be in the hospital two days!! awesome!

Dani Joy

sharla gutierrez said...

Thanks for the picture and no I haven't ever read that book but would love to. Sharla