Friday, April 29, 2011

Dani´s last Springy Journal

Hey there, ladies, we made it! 
You all did an awesome job! Way to keep with it and be consistant. Here I am with Sharla G.

She came up to visit her husband´s family, and they came to our church! It was so great to see her after almost 8 years. She hasn´t changed! She keeps exercising and eating well to not gain and to stay healthy. She is an inspiration. Thank you, Sharla, for coming to see us and for being such a great testimony in the area of taking care of ourselves. 

 Next, I got to see Maribel. She never ceases to amaze me! 

She too, eats healthy and keeps exercising. I have known her for over 11 years and she hasn´t changed! 

I think she might be a little more daring and crazy though since she has met me. ( or maybe she has always been that way too. jeje) We seem to have this affect on each other. We even did Jillian Michael´s Burpies in the cafeteria! Go, Maribel! 

Ok, so our pet Reese the guinnea pig wasn´t in on our challenge, but she too does some great exercise and eats a very healthy diet of fruits and veggies. 

Here I am after the challenge.

 I lost a few, gained a few. I really wanted to do a bit better but, without you all I would definately not be as encouraged to keep maintaining my weight and fitness journey. 

I lost several inches and a few pounds in total. Ok.. I didn´t do a final measure because, we were not home. But, I know I lost. ;) 

 I played a lot of basketball and football with the guys. It kind of reminded me of the olden days when I was a little girl playing with the neighborhood boys.

I had an idea about the next challenge. I thought, why not just keep right on without a break? 

I thought we could just put all the tickers to 0, Go back to the original points and keep right on. 

What do you all think?

Only those who have been on this challenge can go on to the next one,  an exclusive 
Summer Workout Series.

Any ideas?

Dani Joy


Maribel said...

You published the pictures! You're funny! Well, I guess that way I don't have to look through to find a current picture to post. I had a great time with you guys. Can't wait for the next time!
The new challenge sounds great to me, since summer is almost here. Let me know what you decide.

Thanks again, friend!


Vicki King said...

I agree about heading right into the next challenge. It really motivates me to keep at it EVERY day instead letting some days slip by. :) Our summers are VERY busy but I would enjoy being a part anyway.

Madridmom said...

Since I still have more to lose I´m on board with just picking up where we left off. I don´t know how long
I'll be able to keep up with you all and blog once our furlough starts but it will be great for the next two months. My seasonal allergies are really giving me a hard time and the doctor said to avoid the outdoor workouts for a while so I guess i will have to do more wii cardio boxing workouts and running in place, Leslie Sansone videos, etc from my living room while I wait for the pollen count to go down a bit.

junglewife said...

YES!!!! I was just wondering how I was going to keep this up without the motivation of the challenge, but this really would be great!

Cindy B. said...

I say let's keep going. Just since Wednesday I have backtracked! So I'm up for the next challenge of just continuing where we left off. Congratulations to the winners! I am impressed with your diligence and consistency. I have a long way to go before July and the goal I have set for myself. Thanks, Dani, for keeping this together and motivating us to keep going. I had a blast.

sharla gutierrez said...

I am all for it Dani!:) The day after the challenge was over I started my swimming. I have to get 15 swims in before June 7. I don't know if I will make it?! With another challenge I just might be able to. Sharla G

Charlie said...

I am all for continuing as well. With our schooling coming to an end it will be really busy for us the next 3 weeks.

I've also started a business that I plan on working pretty hard this summer. Praying that the Lord will bless it and give me wisdom, so that maybe I can earn enough to still be home with my son. I say all that to say that my time will be limited, but the blog will also keep me motivated to do the best I can.

Let's just do it. hahaha!!!! (getting carried away now)

Thanks Dani for keep us all motivated.