Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sarah W- Day1

I'll try to help Dani Joy out by cutting/pasting my FB posts on to the blog. I'll see how I can keep it up.......I am on FB more so its easier for a quick post. :)

Thanks Dani Joy for the is my post from yesterday Jan 4th! post/food journal......only the lemonade mixture!
1pt.....water (more on that in a sec!) sugar
Total of 3 Points
I just finished a 3 day liquid only detox so can finally add food back in today. I had to drink 1 and a half gallons of a homemade lemonade type mixture. First day I was gung ho, second day I was grouchy, and third day I was just done! I pushed through though. Now for the next three weeks I eat a clean diet of high protein and fruits/ processed foods or sweets. I eat three meals, three far today I am not hungry at all and I've already got my water in for the day! I'll do a separate post at the end of the day today for day #2.
If anyone is interested in the detox plan let me know, it was very doable. The lemonade doesn't make you feel light headed as it regulates your blood sugar. You don't exercise the days your on it and the day after so tomorrow I can add back in exercise! :) I lost 9lbs in the three days. I am not including that in the challenge since I started that before this started....I'll go from when I weighed today. :)


Anita said...

Hi Sarah, Anita Beiles here. Congrats on the detox. I would like to know about the plan. I live in Spain so is everything available here? Thanks.

Sarah W. said...

Hey Anita....I'll post it! I live in Botswana, the land of nothing an am able so I am sure you can there! :)

Dani Joy said...

Wow That´s great! Good job!

I can´t get past the first day of the lemonade part. I got so sick.

Oh you don´t have to copy and paste if you don´t want to. I just am doing it. My goal is to have the FB posts showing up on the blog, but I don´t know if I will be able to figure that out.

Well, I failed on the sugar part today. I was making banana bars and licked the spatula. ;( but oh well. that´s it for me. jeje

So glad you were able to catch up on your post.

Dani Joy

sharla gutierrez said...

This detox plan sounds so good for you. I am going to try it! Sharla

Sarah W. said...

Let me know if you have questions Sharla! Happy to help! So far so good with the rest of the plan. I think it has curbed my sweet tooth which is a huge deal for me!

Dani Joy.....isn't it funny how we do things like that without thinking. I did that while making Andrew's peanut butter sandwich.....licked the knife! I was like, "Doh!!!!!" What is good is that we see it and the next time it's less likely to happen. :) The lemonade part is the hardest. I was actually worried about all the citrus making my mouth sore but it was okay. I think for some it works, for others there are other plans that are similar.