Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sharla G's first Post

I wasn't sure I was supposed to be invited first before writing, but here I am.

I am sorry that I did not finish the Christmas Crunch out very well, so I would like to try this 30 day challenge to see how I do.

Yesterday day4 of January I was able to get 1 hour of exercise in and all my water and the 4 to 5 fruit and veggies. but had some sugar. Hopefully I can resist the sugar starting tomorrow.

Day 4

I hour exercise= 1pt
2 liters water=1pt
1 plate of fruit and veggies (salad, 1\4avocado, 1 pear, 1 slice of pineapple and a tangerine)=1pt
Total of 4 pts

Today Day 5

1 hour exercise=1pt
2 liters water=1pt
1 plate of fruit and veggies(lettuce and tomatoe salad, tangerine, pineapple and half apple)= 1pt
Total 4 pts

Many blessings in this new challenge and a blessed new year to all of you,

Sharla G.


Dani Joy said...

No problem I will give one grace day.
I need to announce that. ;)

From here on out if we forget to post we don´t get those points.

So glad you are joining us again!

Dani Joy

sharla gutierrez said...

You probably think that I am a real doorknob, Ha! For some reason I thought that I had to be invited for this challenge, Ja! My sinus problems are affecting my brain!


Dani Joy said...

No. Not at all. I m glad you are in this challenge.