Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First 30 Day ENDS Next 30 days begins

I just realized that I counted the days wrong. Our 30th day is Thursday. Friday is a free day, Ladies. Measure and post your ending results, then lets get right back at it Saturday. Or don´t take a day off- stay on the wagon and keep trucking!

Points end Friday Morning at weigh-in. ok. something a little different.
May the best Lady win. All in fun competition and all for God´s Glory. 
$10 gift certificate for first place and something little for all ya´ll who finish out. ;)

Next 30 day Challenge for our Spring in-2 Shape III starts April 14th.

Point System

1 Kilo = 10 points or 1 lb = 5 points

1 inch lost = 2 points or 1 cm = 1 point
20 min. consecutive exercise = 1 point
Journal = 1 point (4 max per week)
Tips = 1 point (2 max per week)
2 liters of water = 2 points
HEP (Healthy Eating Plan) = 1 point for plate of fruits and veggies
                                              1 Point NO white Sugar ( minimal cane sugar and honey)
                                               1 Point NO white flour (rice is ok)

Bonus = 2 points for all 3 HEP points
Dani Joy

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