Friday, October 30, 2009

Crrruunch In check-in Anita -3

I got the minimal of my 20 minutes for exercise in. I haven’t had any food problems yet, but my husband is a blessing because he LIKES leftovers…well, ‘planned-overs’ as we call them. I made him a one-skillet pan of ziti with sauce and hamburger and he has even offered to heat it up whenever he is hungry! (idea point for Karen W. as she said she couldn’t go in the kitchen for the first three weeks). I decided to apply the same basic principal. I have all my meats cooked up ahead of time so I just have to grab and go! Thanks to all for praying for me today. Getting sloppy joes and potato salad ready for the men tomorrow. I should be able to take a nice brisk walk during their Bible study and return to a clean kitchen, they are very good at cleaning up! I am making ‘planned-overs’ so my Sunday will also be calm…praying you all have a great weekend crunching!


Mary said...

Those planned meals sound like a great idea! My husband isn't picky,and he needs to lose a few himself, so he's quite a help, except that he looooves dessert! I have found some good ones that I'll be sharing.

Isn't it exciting that we have our own personal exercise group to work with, and even better, to pray with? We're all going to do this together, so let's crunch!

God bless,

Karen said...

CONFESSION... Today I had to make breakfast for church tomorrow AND bake a cake for a get together! I did it! Did I taste my creations? W E L L... yea, I did, but it was only a taste and I will not eat them tomorrow! So, I HAVE been in the kitchen. But Randy has been great on the day to day stuff. If he wants to add stuff, they do or he can do the whole thing on his own-whichever he likes. He's wonderful. Keep up the great work girl!