Thursday, May 2, 2013

What do I Eat? ie...What is my HEP??

Yes, HEP! 

 Say "Yes" to a Healthy eating plan! 
and  "NO" to DIETS!!!

How do you know if you are eating healthy? Well, I have been on several different plans but, the one that works for me is an all natural, high fiber, low carb, no sugar, HEP! 

Here is what one day may look like for me. 

- a 8 - 16 oz glass of water before breakfast
-2 slices of whole wheat sugar free toast with queso fresco (soft cheese), Cream cheese, honey or cheese and ham.  Not all at once of course. 
- Coffee - no milk, no sugar

Mid- Morning Snack: 
- a corn cake and a piece of sugar free dark 70% chocolate
- almonds
- sometimes more coffee and more chocolate. 

Lunch: (this is our big meal of the day here in Spain) sorry it´s blurry.
- Steak with mushrooms, onions and peppers over a bed of spinach
(the best meal my hubby has ever made! I made the veggies, he did the meat) 

Snack or desert - 
-hot tea with sf chocolate (if I didn´t have any in the morning)
-a sf yogurt

Supper- ( this is very hard for me, because I love to snack at night)
- another salad with mixed greens, white cheese, and ham (no sugar) vineger and oil.
- sf yogurt with extra protein
- a Wasa cracker with ham and cheese.

I don´t normally eat very much fruit anymore , but if I do, I eat an apple or a pear. These are low in sugars. (GI) And I eat them by themselves. 

It is very important to eat a balanced diet and enough fiber. 

I follow Jillian Michael´s Make the Cut and Jorge Cruises´Belly Fat Cure and often combine the things I have learned. 

To make it simple, I just keep it to these four NO´s 

NO white sugar
No white flour
No fried foods
NO skipping meals

I have one free day a week! This gets me through! 

Mix and match, ladies, find what works for you, but whatever you do, don´t call it a diet! Find something that you can stick to for life! 

Sweatin´ it with ya, 
Dani Joy

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