Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crunch In by JUMPING!

My favorite exercise is the rebounder. Check it out on the internet. You actually exercise your skin, internal organs, (great for strengthening a weak bladder like mine), minimal time, and clothing required. Today I jumped for twenty minutes to some Christmas music. Kept my CHRISTMAS CRUNCH GOALS IN MIND!! Anita B


Karen said...

Way to go Anita!!! Love that you joined us and wow, you are on your way girl. Just keep jumping! How cute that you're "all in" with the Christmas music! I think I'll do that too just to remind me of what I'm working for... a comfortable Christmas! I'm uncomfortable in almost everything now :0( But not for long!

Dani Joy said...

Awesome! Those little rebounders are great!

Do you also move your arms for added calorie burn. Maybe as you advance you can add little dumbells for curls as you jump.

As I did my stationary bike I would do bicep and tricp curls and trunk twists with the dumbells. It was how I started on my fitness journey this past January.

Just some ideas to help mix it up.
Great Job, Anita! And you really have this Blog thing going now!!!

Dani Joy