Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crying in my Rice Cakes

Ok, here goes....

Weight: 171.2
Bust: 39
Chest: 33
Waist: 33
Hips: 43
Right Thigh 25
Left Thigh 24 1/2
Right Arm: 13
Left Arm: 12 1/2

Ok, I just TOLD ALL!! Spilled my guts and now there's nothing to do but go cry in my rice cakes.

No really, I'm getting more excited every day. I actually went for a RUN yesterday, but after about 10 minutes I pulled a muscle in my left calf. Hopefully it'll feel better by tomorrow and start all over again! I even turned down a piece of cake today. Small steps...

I pray everybody is having a great day crunching it!



Dani Joy said...

I am laughing! I am sorry, Tricia you are hilarious girl! wish we had gotten together in college.

Cryin in your rice cakes! Man, I tried those things but they taste like cardboard. I put something on them.. oh yeah light philidelphia cream cheese. (light layer of course) Now I am trying Wasa Crackers. I like them with soft cheese spread. (light or skim)

I am just now being able to sit and go through everyone´s posts. hope they go back through to read the comments. :)

Dani Joy

Sarah K said...

Don't cry! (LOL) It sounds like you had a great start to the Crunch! Great job!