Monday, October 26, 2009

Kick Off!!!

Well Good Morning Ladies!

I have never woken up on the first morning of a new diet regime soo excited. Even the ugly figures of my first weight/measurement session haven't dampened my spirits.

So here are the gruesome facts (I'm really bearing my soul to you girls) :-

Name: Kathy Harrison
Age: 36
Height: 162cm
Weight: 100.1 Kg
Bust: 116 cm
Chest: 98 cm
Waist: 102 cm
Hips: 120cm
R Thigh: 74 cm
L Thigh : 73 cm
R Arm: 41 cm
L Arm : 40 cm

This was taken on our recent trip around the States. The gorgeous cutie is our newest niece Ava Grace. (The wind was definitely Not blowing in my favour that day Nina!)

Look at that double chin!!!!!!! It has to go.

As for my goal, well 35 kilos would be nice! But seriously, in 8 weeks I'm going to aim for 10 kgs. That's just over a kilo a week (or 2 and a bit lbs).




Cherry Blossom Blessing said...

Hi Kathy!

You are very brave to post all your data. Not sure if it was intentional but you missed the 'hip' measurement. I mention it so you will not miss out on the points as you melt away those cms.

You may be keeping that one private but didn't want you to not have the data and need it later. Did you notice there was a TOTAL cms at the bottom of the list? Thus you will have one section not accounted for!

Thank you for your testimony, God bless you! Anita

KathyH said...

Hey Anita!

Thanks for noticing I was missing my hips. I've edited the post so all should be upto date now.

Bless you


Mary said...

Hi Kathy,

So nice to meet you, and to go on this weight loss journey with you...I know we all need encouragement and accountability that we'll find here...we just have to do our part and stay committed to good health. Especially since many of us are moms, caring about our kids having a healthy mommy to have energy to keep up and to set a good example is so important, so we have our work cut out for us...let's turn that work into a lot of fun and fellowship! I'm so happy to meet sisters in the Lord...we can all give praise to our wonderful Lord for the strength He has given us!
God bless!