Monday, October 26, 2009

Maribel's "Welcome"

My name is Maribel and I live in Petrer, Spain where the Lord has placed my dear family to serve Him as missionaries. I am married to a wonderful man, David Bell, and we are in the process of planting a new church in the area. I am a teacher, and this year I have been given the incredible challenge of teaching a class of 25 3-year-old children with a great emphasis in English. I have taken it as an assignment from the Lord. This, by the way, should make my Christmas Crunch Challenge easier, due to the amount of energy spent during the day. I have three children of my own ages 11, 9, and almost 7, and I enjoy them greatly. I eat at school everyday, so I will probably choose a light supper strategy, since breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I would like this challenge to motivate me to exercise specific parts of my body when I do not feel like exercising. I feel like at my age (37 on the 16th) my everyday activity may not be enough to keep me fit. So, let's see what happens from here to Christmas; see if exercise makes a difference (sounds like I am challenging the Challenge!). I'm looking forward to encouraging and being encouraged as I make new friends. I do need to say, though, that I do not have much time to spend at the computer, but I'll do my best to post. Enjoy fitness!


Hope said...

I do not have much time for posting on an extra blog, either. But I think I can manage once a week. ☺
I hope this helps you feel that you have people cheering you on. Sometimes it is just nice to be able to share the journey.

Nina in Portugal said...

Hi Maribel!

Good to meet ya! My family and I are missionaries in Portugal!--We're neighbors!

I'll be praying for ya!!

Dani Joy said...

Hola, Maribel!

I am so glad you joined in! Just add a little at a time and be consitant. By the time we reach the end you will se a differance! It´s amazing how just even a little bit of exercise 15-20min 3-4 times a week can make a difference.

We are with you on this!

Crunching it with you,
Dani Joy

Maribel said...

Thank you girls. Nina, nice to "meet" you too. Thanks Hope!
Danielle,the fact is that fitness has always been part of my life.I hope to be able to share some tips for an "easy" consistent fit way of life. My goal of exercise for this period is to work on for some specific inches.
By the way; you are quite the cheerleader!!
I'll continue to pray for you girls too!

Siberia said...

Ever since I read your first post, I thought, hmm, her name sounds familiar, and then it hit me yesterday. I read the article about your family, and your husband's health struggle in the Voice of the Alumni. So it is really nice to "meet" you now. By the way, I thought you looked a little familiar in your picture. I don't think we have met, but I must have seen you around campus. You graduated a year ahead of me.

Maribel said...

That is neat! Give me you full name so I can look you up in the yearbook. What was your major?