Wednesday, October 28, 2009

weighing in

Okay, I hope I'm doing this right. I'll see if my husband can help me add a picture later.
I have weighed, and I've measured, so here goes...

143 lbs. (all-time high)
34" waist
38" chest
40" hips

I'm going to go exercise right now!! :o)


Dani Joy said...

You did it! This is the first step! Crunch it consitantly for 8 weeks and you will feel so great!

Crunching with you,
Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

Is this Sarah D? I was helping you out with your labels on the bottom of the post when I realize I wasn´t sure who Sarah Annie was. I think it must be you. :)

Please put your first name and last initial on the label of your post down at the bottom. you can click show all for the list of labels.