Friday, November 20, 2009

Crunch IN 15 - In Honor of My Man

Last night after my dear husband got back from football practice, he went for a long walk with me to the beach. He works out hard and practice is not only physically draining, it´s emotionally and spiritually draining. He is on the team as the chaplain, but plays 110%. (yes, American Football in Spain) So, when he said he would walk with me to the beach, I took him up on it.

It was a 15 minute walk there and then we walked a good length of the boardwalk. This was pretty late at night so there was no one out. So beautiful! Then we headed home. It was a 40 minute walk!! Wow, I got 4 exercise points yesterday.

My man is so wonderful! ;) He even wanted Crunch points too! I told him I would give him an honorable mention.


Dani Joy said...

We did it at a fast clip! not dilly dallying. It was so cold out too!! So according to Tami, I burned more calories. LOL

Siberia said...

You did burn more! Bet my day was colder! Hee hee. So sweet you could take a walk. The other day all of the kids and I were exercising, and Steve said that I should be able to combine everyones points and put them on my ticker!


KathyH said...

Aaarhh, isn't he sweet! You two are such a cute couple.

Maybe he could encourage Matt to join me with some crunching.

Dani Joy said...

That´s too funny, Tami! How fun you all are getting into it! What memories.

The boys and I walked tonight. they were so cute about it. they were like "Mom, you´re having fun counting your points tonight." They wanted points too. ;)

We have boys night out with Mommy. my hubby is gone to Madrid. :(

I have to get up so early tomorrow. :( not as early as you did the other day though. but not looking forward to it. have to take the bus to the train to the next big city over for our program practice with the only other Baptist church in our area. We have been doing programs with them for years now and even though we are in a diff. work now they have the larger church. ;) Works out great.

Oh I am babbling now. jeje well, have a great day crunchin´!

Dani Joy

Sarah K said...

How sweet!