Thursday, November 19, 2009

crunch in Nov.19

I trust everyone is doing great and staying healthy. Beside my daily
activity with my 25 kids and family, I have just finished exercising.
I am glad to say that. I suppose I could tell you what I ate today,
but I need to go to bed. My husband and I bought some sugar free dark
chocolate (we finished the one we had) and some chocolate cream 0%
fat and sugar free. He enjoyed it and I just had a bite (I don't have
a sweet tooth. I fall more for breads and cheese.
Have a good night,


Dani Joy said...

Hi Maribel, Is David going to the 24 hour Conf.? My hubby is gone already. :(

WEll, I am so glad you are keeping at it.

How do you like level 2 of the Shred?

What grade do you teach?

Dani Joy

Maribel said...

David did go to the prayer Conference. He just told me your husband was there. Level 2 is fine. Some things bother my knees, and I do not do well doing the "modified" version, since I want to get the most of it. But it all has really help me to build strength on my knees, as it used to bother me to run and I can do it now.

I am teaching K3! This is my firts time having to handle little ones like that. It was hard going to that level, but I like it now. It does burn more calories than higher grades!
Have a good "lonely" night. I'm glad it is just one.