Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crunch In Starting Wk 2

Procrastinating on the Christmas Crunch Blog is making me procrastinate my diet. There is a reason why Dani planned this during the Food Season. Which is great! I ran 2 miles a day ago and did 15 min on the elliptical. Today I did some weights in front of the TV with my son. Hard to get motivated when he "rules" the TV and I can't put in the exercise video.

My son was battling flu-like symptoms the past 5 days which added an extra challenge to my diet/workout. He is finally well now. And he will be with his father the coming week. Time for me to step up the diet and workout. I still weigh 126-7lbs in the morning and about 128-9 in the evening. No budging on the scale and I know the exact reason. Gotta work on diet. The carb cravings between 2-6p that keep me snacking.

Next Saturday is a local 5K and my goal is to run that 5K and finish it in a decent time. I'm not a runner. I repeat...Not a Runner! My right foot and left knee usually protest in pain. I've worked up to 2 miles and I believe 3.1 miles is possible. I will run a 5K. The next goal may be a 10K before I hit age 40. Blessings to all!


Beth in NC said...

I'm impressed that you can run 2 miles! I have never been a runner, but I would LOVE to be one someday! I dream about running a lot.

I pray your son is feeling better!

Keep pressing on. We can do this!


Dani Joy said...

Hey Cous, YOu are doing great even if you were out with your son for a bit. I think you sound like you are pretty fit. Of course we all need to keep working.

Thanks for the motivation. it´s so motivating to hear about your possible 5k. wish I could do it with you!

Big crunchin´ hug,
Dani Joy

Belle said...

I wish you both can run the 5K with me! I'm on my own here and friends at work are not going to go. It's sponsored by the hospital I work at. I have never did this before! It's hard to keep going after a mile but this blog and my recent "life changing events" have motivated me to accomplish some personal goals such as this run. 3 days left!