Sunday, November 1, 2009

Crunch In

Hello Ladies! What an AWESOME time we had in church today! I pray each of you were fed a healthy portion of the Word today yourselves. :o)

Now to the business at hand: I took this picture of myself yesterday. Look at those arms. And I sure would love to lose some of that chest. Sigh. I am looking forward to seeing this lady shrink.

How serious am I? I must ask myself since I had several pieces of chocolate since last night and to top off my chocolate craving -- I had an ice cream sandwich. THAT would be the reason (aside from accountability with you) that I did a 50 minute work out today.

I must remember to take measurements! Maybe I should take them now that I'm full of food so they will look smaller tomorrow (ha). Ok, I'm only fooling myself. I'll wait and take my measurements in the morning (Father, please remind me).

I intend to drink a lot of water today. Now that the corn maze season is behind me, I can increase my water intake again. I am soooo ready to get a point for losing a pound.

I pray each of you are doing well on this journey!

Thank you again Dani Joy! Would you be willing to do a Spring Fling after the Christmas Crunch?!?!?!


Mary said...

Hey Beth, you can give me some of that chest! LOL! You look great as you are, but each of us knows what is comfortable and healthy for our own bodies. My weight is from the waist down...too much sitting while blogging! Glad you got your workout in today..this accountability will make a huge difference in our dedication to not miss a day.

We had a great Word today,too, from Rev., was it good!!! Now its time for me to go crunch!

Dani Joy said...

Beth, thank you for praying. I will have to pray about tackeling another challenge. This one has gotten bigger than I ever imagined.

Glad you took pictures. Now you will see as you make a change in your body.

May the Lord give us strength as we Crunch it!

Dani Joy

Siberia said...

Hmmm, one thing I have been worrying about is losing the little bit of chest I now have. Can't I please lose weight everywhere else, and keep my chest? I would be great if I could cut off from my waist to just above my knees!

Dani Joy said...

I feel the same way, Tami!!!
can´t I just cut some off of the thighs and re distribute. jeje