Friday, November 6, 2009

Crunchin' Friday

Hi ladies,
Time for my nightly crunch in. I got in a 40 minute walk this morning at 6:30 am...That's about the excitement of the day. The rest was spent home schooling, cleaning, cooking, and volunteering at the local thrift store tonight. How many of you ladies homeschool? Do you have any suggestions on times to exercise? It seems that my best times are either before the kids get up, or after my 4 kids under 7 go to bed. I have to really "make" it happen. Any suggestions?

I do have a nice story for you. My sweet five year old(pictured above) and I were sitting at the lunch table yesterday; she with her chicken pot pie, and I with my chicken salad. After she ate, she asked me if I thought she was "husky"(where she got that word I don't know??) . I said, "No, I think your normal". She replied.... "Mom, I think your normal too":) It made my day!

I'm normal!


Mary said...

Awwwww! What a sweetie pie! Its good when your kids think you're normal...not so good when they think you're weird!

Dani Joy said...

What a sweet sweet story!! How great to see how our little ones think of us.

Well, Kristy, last school year I was exercising at 11pm! It was my only time. I mean really! It worked for me. Not recommnended.

This year I got my schedule a little better and now I am exercising while the boys are doing homework or while they are having free time, anywhere between 6-7 depending on the day. Somedays that just doesn´t happen and I am back at my 11pm workout. :/

I don´t do mornings anymore. I use to be such a morning person but many years with a night owl...I have become one too. :)

HOpe this helps a little. YOu just have to get it in somehow.

Crunchin hug!
Dani Joy

Nina in Portugal said... sweet!

My kids look back at pictures of my rear end when I was heavier and, Mom..."you had a really big hiney!"

It makes my day!

(Not that I HAD a big rear, but that they notice it's smaller now!)

You're daughter is adorable! I used to homeschool all mine, and I would either exercise while they ate breakfast or after they were asleep.