Monday, November 2, 2009

Crunchy Monday

If you thought I was over-organised before with my excel sheets and the like, today would have had you running and screaming into the distance.

I’ve decided to do the G.I. diet. It was recommended by my gyneacologist and I must admit it’s very simple (I’ll give you the low down another day). A little bit more planning is required so that’s what I’ve been doing today........ plan & organise, plan & organise, organise & plan. Not that I’m a control freak or anything, nnooooooooo.

I made a list of everything in my freezer and cupboards, have a list of all the “green” foods I need to stock up on. My Bofrost man comes later today and I've a loooong list for him, fresh frozen organic veggies & foods delivered to the door J And I’ve planned the menu for the next 2 weeks so that, especially on my busiest days, I have something quick AND healthy to eat. I used to plan out menus occasionally before and it’s alway saved me time and money, especially if Mr H arrived home first and started cooking. It’s just a habit I have to keep.

A “small” part of my work is counselling, mentoring and relationships (imagine that, I work with the Pastor!?!!?! LOL) tomorrow was planned to be one of those coffee, cake and mentoring sessions but I’ve just changed the arrangement to a walk and talk time. What a good girl I am I am. We have a beautiful big park just 5 mins drive outside our city and it takes about 50 mins brisk walking to go once round, just perfect. I can’t help multi-tasking, I’m a woman!

Wishing you all a crunchy Monday.


PS:- Dani, do we earn points for ironing? I might be more inclined to tackle my mountain if I got points too!!! J


Dani Joy said...

Kathy, you are too much!!
But what a great idea to walk and talk. I hope the other person is up for it. ;)

Love the organization! I know I do so much better too when I plan menus.

Looking forward to the post about the GI Diet. I want to highlight it. Let me know when you are about to post it ok.

Big Crunch,
Dani Joy

Mary said...

Kathy, that is a wonderful plan to have! I am not organized, and believe me, that causes much distress. A meal plan,along with any other plans, are essential to stay on track...even if we have to modify it a little here and there, its still good to have your plan.

And I think the walk and talk is will be an example to others, and no doubt, some will follow your lead and start a healthy regime as well. What a wonderful witness and testimony that the Lord has guided and strengthed you to be disciplined in this area of your life!

I'm interested in the G.I. diet, too, and already do the green drinks and healthy, even if already at the perfect weight. Looking forward to more info on it!

Crunchin' and lovin' it!

Joy said...

Hi Kathy,
I too love to be organized :) When my girls were in school, I planned a menu every week, and actually sent them a hot meal in a thermos every day to school! I agree that having a plan is always better than walking in the kitchen and trying to find something "fast and easy to prepare".
Thanks for sharing and look forward to hearing how things go for you.