Monday, November 2, 2009

Dani´s Crunch 3 - Run the Dog

This is where I can run my dog.

After reading all your posts this morning, in my 2 hours of quiet, ( it was holiday here in Spain and the boys went to play football ) I was encouraged to throw on my Tennies and grab the dog.

We took off down the road, jogging to this park. When I got there, I was hardly winded and thought I might be able to run a whole 20 minutes. I can´t remember the last time I have done that. Maybe college.

I went all the way around the park. a 20 minute jog! I couldn´t believe it! Then I walked back up 10 more minutes for my cool down.

What an exhilerating feeling. I need to get up early in the mornings now to do this more often. I will commit to doing this Tues. and Thurs. I must get up at 7:45 at least to be able to do it and get back to shower and have devos before the boys need breakfast. I know this doesn´t sound early for ya´ll , but when I put in such late nights as Bat woman, mornings get harder and harder.

gonna still do my Jillian dvd too! gotta keep up with Tami, Karen, Mary, Ketty and Alice. These are our top 5, if I am not mistaken. Great job, Ladies!


Dani Joy said...

Don´t forget to click on e mail follow-up comments.. it helps to get more feed back from everyone!

Happy Crunchin´
Dani Joy


Yeah ok so I comment on my own post. ;)

Mary said...

Awesome, Dani Joy!!! You are such an inspiration to all of us...we all want to make you really motivate us! I won't even attempt a 20 minute jog jus yet, but I know the day will come. I'm crunchin' with ya!

Its okay to comment on your own post...its YOUR post, you can do anything you want! LOL!

Dani Joy said...

Thanks Mary!! You are totally motivating me!! Wooo hooo!!!