Thursday, November 26, 2009

A good laugh for you & Crunch - In

I thought I would be creative and do a video of me working out last night. However, my Princess STOLE she show and made the video a hit with my youtube friends. They have been rolling laughing. So, why not give everyone a good Thanksgiving giggle?

It is TOM, so I'm holding steady (and holding water). And I have TWO big Thanksgiving meals to attend today. So I hope to see some weight go down next week.

God bless you all on this wonderful Thanksgiving Day (for those in the US). Outside of US -- it is still a day to give thanks.



Ketty said...

Hi Beth, my kids did also have a good laugh watching your daughter exercising, sorry to tell you but she has more success than you hahahahaha.

ketty and the kids

Beth in NC said...

Oh I know. She is the star of the show. lol

KathyH said...

How cute is she!!!!!!! I think we'd all have more fun working out if we wore tiaras or princess hats! LOL

Beth you are so blessed to have her.

Siberia said...

Thanks for sharing with us. Your little girl is precious. Today we actually had the whole family working out, yes, the Jackson 5. I wish we could have gotten a video of it. Sometime soon, maybe....

Keep up the great work!


Dani Joy said...

Your little girl is so adorable!! Such a fun time together! How funny it looks all fast forward!

Thank you, for the smile!

Dani Joy